General Questions

Who benefits from this program?
Those with a family member with dementia.
How do I participate in Doggies for Dementia Foundation?
1. Share your photos and story with us. We will honor your loved one by sharing the images and story in our blog, email list and social media. 2. We arrange for a professional photo session with one of our volunteers. 3. We plan a photo day at your long term care community. Simply join forces with Doggies for Dementia, all that they ask is for you to collectively share your story and images online.
Why is it called Doggies for Dementia?
Carmen noted the joyful candid photos created in fun, stress-free photo sessions when the family dogs were included with the person with dementia. Worries about posing, personality issues, fears of ‘doing it right’, or simply wondering what to do before the camera is gone once the dog is added to the session. Additionally, dogs are loved and popular on social media which will allow us to reach more people who don’t know a lot about dementia.
What is this all about?
Doggies for Dementia Foundation is a nonprofit (501c3) corporation that lovingly gifts compassionate photography to families impacted by any form of dementia. Families are gifted matted prints, video slideshows, and a gallery of all the photos taken. Doggies for Dementia shares the images and stories, hosts a video blog on YouTube called Experts Dig In with Doggies for Dementia, and works to raise awareness through education. We also have many resources for those impacted by dementia and family caregivers. Check out our Resource Page.
Do the dogs have dementia?
No, the program is for people with dementia and the dogs that love them.

Photo Session Questions

What family members can be in the photo session?
Doggies for Dementia works closely with families to create the most enjoyable experiences and allows up to four family members when the dog is included in the photos. Too many family members can result in too much stimulation for those with dementia. If there are more than four family members total, you have the option to switch out certain people in the photos so each person is included. This may extend our shoot time.
Types of Photo Sessions
We offer at least 2 different types of photo sessions and are flexible with families. 1. We provide full sessions with families and their loved one with dementia in their home or LTC. We may include images of time primping (hair and makeup) because we love candid pics! This is typically with a dog, but it doesn't have to be. We also return a few weeks later to 'reveal' the image. This is also photographed and video recorded. 2. Portrait Day at LTC communities are shorter sessions of many residents the same day. These have been popular since the Covid-19 outbreak. If the community or resident has a dog, we may include it.
What does it cost?
The program is free for families, although we ask that you join us in sharing the images on social media.
What do families receive from Doggies for Dementia?
Families who submit their own photos, we will share them on social media, our blog and email list honoring your loved one. We gift video slideshow and a feature in the 'Yearbook." For photo sessions with volunteer photographer, families receive 1-2 photo sessions, six 8” X10” professional matted prints to the size of 11” X14”. They also receive 1-2 video slideshows of their experience with a focus on their family and loved one when able. The digital images are provided to the families after our initial social media campaign. For Portrait Day in LTC communities, families are gifted the session and an 8X10 professional photo. A video slideshow is typically created to include those in the photo session day.
What if we don’t have a dog?
That’s okay! It is always best if your loved one is familiar with the dog so they already have a relationship. A family dog, trained service animals, a friend’s dog, and others can be brought in, but we suggest that if the dog is not yours that everyone should meet before the session so they can all be comfortable. Sessions can be completed without a family dog as well. We have beautiful stuffed toy dogs for those too frail to have a living dog.
Do you travel?
We will do our best to locate a volunteer photographer for you where ever you live. Sometimes Carmen, our founder and professional photographer takes a road trip as well. If interested in learning more, contact them to start a conversation.
What if my loved one is having a difficult day at the time of the session?
Doggies for Dementia’s photographers are very familiar and comfortable with dementia. If there is fear or agitation during the session, they will pause until your loved one is comfortable. If needed, they will cancel for that day and schedule another one. If you know it is a difficult day before the photo session takes place, we will reschedule. ‘Raincheck days’ are scheduled for this reason.
What if I want the photos and the experience, but I’m not comfortable with social media and prefer to keep our photos private?
We can certainly arrange a photo session with Carmen and Carmen’s Legacy Productions. Doggies for Dementia’s mission is to raise awareness through education with the help of the families that join us. We understand if you prefer private sessions and images, and the sessions are available, but not funded by Doggies for Dementia. For more information on private sessions click here.
Are you able to do photo sessions during Covid?
We now provide safe sessions including physical distancing and masks. We work closely with the communities and follow their restrictions. Our volunteer photographers have been vaccinated. Our photographers follow the upmost in safety at all times and limit any social outings in order to reduce the risk to our clients.

Sponsorship & Donation Questions

What does it take to become a sponsor?
Individuals and businesses can be sponsors. Sponsors contribute $500 or more toward a family Doggies for Dementia Foundation session. Simply contact Doggies for Dementia to inquire.
What do sponsors receive?
Sponsors receive the following depending on the amount of their sponsorship:
  • Sponsors will be mentioned on the blog for the Doggies for Dementia Foundation session they sponsored, and businesses will have their website, contact information, and a short paragraph about them.
  • Businesses and individuals may also dedicate the session to someone special.
  • Businesses and individuals who contribute will be tagged on social media posts for the session as well as blog posts.
  • Business logo and name listed on sponsor slide of the video/slideshow.
  • A newsletter article about the event and thanking you for your sponsorship. Includes your logo and links.
  • A mention in a Facebook Live. You are also welcomed to participate in Facebook Live on the day of the event.
  • You may be present and meet the family on the day of the event.
  • Your name will be mentioned on a press release if one is issued.
  • 20 digital images for your use (three months after initial photo session). You will be able to share and post from Doggies for Dementia Foundation of course.
  • Video/slideshow of the session will include your name or logo and you will also receive a digital copy of the video/slideshow.
Why become a sponsor?
Many of us have been impacted by dementia. Becoming a sponsor is a beautiful way of honoring someone you love while helping others. Your sponsorship also benefits many more as our mission to raise awareness will benefit those who are impacted and those who are not yet diagnosed. Businesses want to show what they stand for and we are happy to highlight the businesses that support the Doggies for Dementia Foundation.
How will my donation help?
  • Directly toward family photo sessions. Donations and sponsorships help to pay the photographer and videographer for the two sessions, editor of the images, and social media manager who writes and schedules the posts on at least three different social media platforms.
  • Families are gifted full photo sessions which includes still photography and often video of the family and their loved ones, six professional printed and matted 11’’X14’’ images, digital images, video slideshow to include their images, and are supported in becoming advocates by sharing their images and stories. Social media posts are prepared and provided for them.
  • Your donation sponsorship helps us to continue to support families during one of their most challenging times while we raise awareness to reduce stigma, isolation, and loneliness. Doggies for Dementia knows there is a way for families and others impacted by dementia to feel supported with love and compassion and they aim to do this one image at a time. They also host casual conversations on YouTube (Doggies for Dementia Foundation page) with experts including families and professional caregivers called Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia. We are vocal and share stories, research, images and current events on our Resource page, Facebook and Instagram channels. We applaud and support families who wish to record an interview with Doggies for Dementia. Education is one way we raise awareness.

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