Using Photography to Capture Family Memories & Raise Awareness


Doggies for Dementia FoundationDoggies for Dementia Foundation is an organization thats primary focus is to drive awareness towards dementia. They uniquely do this by capturing candid photos of those affected by dementia surrounded by their loved ones and, of course, their family pet.

Our programs include sharing your images (your loved one with dementia and dog)  and stories in our blogs, social media and email lists.  We also offer gifted photography sessions for those impacted by dementia, which typically include professional matted prints and a video slideshow. Not to worry about the expressions of your loved one or the behavior of your four-legged friend, photo sessions are fun and compassionate in a comfortable and understanding environment with people who are well-versed and knowledgeable regarding dementia.

We also have Portrait Day providing photography sessions and images for those residing long term care (LTC) or in adult care programs. These are shorter sessions, but unsurpassed in beauty and compassion. Dogs may or may not be included in these sessions.

Doggies for Dementia strives to raise awareness in order to reduce stigma, isolation and loneliness. Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia is a playlist on our YouTube channel (Doggies for Dementia Foundation). This is where we have candid conversations with experts including family members and professionals.

Carmen Davailus, our founder is a frequent guest at conferences and workshops sharing what families want us to know about living with dementia.

Our mission is to provide worry-free photography sessions for families.
Together, we share the images and stories online to raise awareness around dementia.

How We Do It

Doggies for Dementia Foundation


Contact Doggies for Dementia to schedule a session. When scheduled, they will inquire about your loved one and discuss any challenges or concerns you may have. Doggies for Dementia takes the time to learn about you and your loved one’s story and what makes them so special. Your story and images will be featured on social media as well as other worldwide platforms.

Doggies for Dementia Foundation


Schedule a date, time, and location for the photo session with your family and dog. They also schedule a ‘Raincheck Day’ in the event your loved one has a difficult or challenging day. If your loved one has fear or other issues during the session, they will pause, and if able they will continue, and if not, they will reschedule. The Doggies for Dementia volunteers are there for you and your loved one. They understand that situations can rapidly change, therefore they work with your schedule.

Doggies for Dementia Foundation

Photo Session

During the photo session the photographer will photograph (usually two cameras) and videotape the session with your family and dog. The photographer will use continuous lights so there is no flashing.

Doggies for Dementia Foundation

Reveal Session

In two weeks, the photographer returns for the reveal session. This session is also photographed as the expressions are beautiful and priceless. You’ll watch the video slideshow and see each of the images. You will receive an online gallery with all of your images, which are easy to share with family members. At this time you will choose your favorite six images.

Doggies for Dementia Foundation

Raise Awareness

Doggies for Dementia believes that the more that’s known about dementia, the less fear and the more compassion and kindness. They want the public to see what dementia is about and the very unique and special families learning to live with it. Therefore, your video slideshow and images will be shared with respect and compassion on social media and Doggies for Dementia’s website, YouTube channel, newsletter, and other similar venues. Once the items are shared, this is your chance to share and comment on the social media posts with your family and friends. Our goal is for your photos and video slideshow to go viral and get a lot of attention. The more it is seen, the more we can all learn about living with dementia.

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Contact Doggies for Dementia to book your session. When scheduled, they will inquire about your loved one and discuss any challenges or concerns you may have.