Our Board of Directors

Carmen Davailus

Founder and Photographer

Carmen Davailus is founder and CEO of Doggies for Dementia Foundation. After 40 years as a nurse practitioner, she left her career to document the lives of families impacted by dementia. Her award winning book, Just See Me-Sacred Stories from the Other Side of Dementia was published in 2018. She is an international speaker, photo-journalist, and Alzheimer’s Advocate leading with compassion, courage and inspiration.

Carmen is chief photographer for Doggies for Dementia and hosts Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia. Carmen also writes the blogs and creates all social media posts for Doggies for Dementia.

Carmen is also CEO of Carmen’s Legacy Productions. She is a mother and grandmother and lives in central Texas with her wonderful and always willing to drive and assist husband Stuart, and Sparky, our Chief Canine Officer.

Carolyn DiIulio


Carolyn is a business advisor who grew up in Arizona and California. After graduation from California State University, Sacramento, Carolyn worked in the personnel field. As a military wife she lived in various locations in the coastal United States, learning aspects of small business operations in various cities and settings.

Carolyn is a mother, grandmother, a published author, and an award-winning quilter. Carolyn and her husband reside in Virginia. Together they have first-hand experience traveling the long road with a family member with dementia.

Brittany Dreier


Brittany Dreier

Brittany Dreier is a former care partner for her mother who lived with dementia until she passed in April 2022. Through her journey as a care partner she has discovered a passion for advocacy & clinical research. She is grateful to work in a field that allows her to pursue her passions!

Brittany resides in Cottage Grove, OR with her partner & her self proclaimed zoo of 3 dogs & 2 cats. She participates in agility and formal obedience with her dogs. She also enjoys performing at the local community theatre when she is not advocating for patients!

Matthew LeCompte


Matthew LeCompte is one of our newest board members. He is a family caregiver for his mother and well versed in marketing and public relations. He is a creative force. Matthew resides in San Francisco, CA.

Kealin Branson


Kealin Branson is our newest Executive Growth Team member and a professional photographer with a family member with dementia. She is excited to join our team and to grow by encouraging other photographers to spread our mission. She is located in Washington state.


Chief Canine Officer

Sparky is our 7-year-old Chief Canine Officer and is also Head of Homeland Security for his mommy, Carmen.  He was rescued and adopted as a puppy in 2014 and has had Carmen’s heart ever since. He loves going for walks, puppy treats, barking at the UPS truck, and posing for the camera. Carmen’s friend, Brian LeBlanc, has Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. Occasionally when he visited, he would experience bouts of tears, confusion, and even when he didn’t recognize Carmen, he remembered Sparky. Cuddling with Sparky helped to comfort him and perhaps helped the brain fog to lift, and Sparky was a huge inspiration for Doggies for Dementia Foundation. He spends his days curled up next to Carmen.

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