Our Favorite Resource HUBS for Families Impacted by Dementia

  • Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia:  We've got many wonderful videos with family and professional experts for family caregivers and anyone interested in learning more about dementia.
  • Alzheimer's Foundation of America:  The Alzheimer's Foundation of America offers some wonderful resources for families. This nonprofit organization has been instrumental in our success. Doggies for Dementia was awarded a Bi-Annual Grant to help us with our mission in a bigger way. Be sure and check out their website.
  • Picnic Health:  Picnic Health offers a variety of services but the one most important for families impacted by dementia is their ability to maintain updated files and medical records which is so important with the many professional medical appointments and families who want to keep all meds and treatments organized and accessible. One of our favorite perks is the real time data collection on many aspects of dementia care. Most research takes decades, however Picnic Health is adding something truly innovative which is so important to those with dementia, and their family and professional caregivers.
  • AlzAuthors:  This nonprofit group was started by 6 women who wrote books about their caregiving experience. They've created an amazing hub of books and other resources all about dementia care. Their books are stories, how to, for adults, children and more. It's easy to find what you are looking for. We've had several interviews with the founders and other authors. Carmen's book, Just See Me-Sacred Stories from the Other Side of Dementia are on the website as well.
  • Your Dementia Therapist:  Mary Osborne, an occupational therapist specializing in dementia care, founded Your Dementia Therapist. The website has many, many wonderful resources created by Mary and others. Be sure and follow her on Instagram too. Be sure and see our Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia interview as well.
  • The Proactive Caregiver:  Jennifer Lizel Cannon is a family caregiver, podcaster, author and has other many wonderful resources on the website. She and her mother participated in a photo session with Doggies for Dementia and she has also been a guest on Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia. Her mother has Frontotemporal dementia- a form of dementia with limited resources. We applaud her for all she does.
  • Fading Memories Podcast:  Get ready for TONS of resources in the form of podcast. Jennifer Finck is the host and created this having experienced the lack of podcasts for family caregivers. She cared for her mother with Alzheimer's Disease and has also been a guest on our Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia.
  • Dementia Friendly America:  Dementia Friendly America is a national network of communities, organizations and individuals seeking to ensure that communities across the U.S. are equipped to support people living with dementia and their caregivers. Dementia friendly communities foster the ability of people living with dementia to remain in community and engage and thrive in day to day living. Dementia Friendly America is administered by USAging. Are they in your community? You must check this out.

Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia Podcast

  • Experts Dig in with Jim Mangi-Dementia Friendly Saline:  Jim Mangi saw a need for himself and his wife who has Younger Onset Alzheimer's Disease. Do you know what he did? He sought out to solve the problems He initiated Dementia-Friendly Saline and so much more. Be sure and check out this episode of Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia.
  • Experts Dig in with Marianne Scuicco-AlzAuthors:  Anyone who is impacted by dementia, directly or indirectly knows there is a lot to learn about the disease as well as how to be a caregiver or support the caregiver. It's a heavy job and can last for years and even a decade. AlzAuthors was founded by a group of female authors who recognized the need to provide a central hub for books written to support those on the dementia journey.
  • Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia is with guest Mike Plaskey, Co-Founder and Vice-President of TeamSuzy.org. :  Get ready for an inspirational story of a husband who became a caregiver for his wife with early onset Alzheimer's Disease. Suzy was diagnosed at age 54 and they were married 32 years at the time of her passing. During the years he cared for his wife Suzy, he couldn't help but understand the importance of self-care, getting help and how to ask for help.
  • Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia with Brittany Dreier:  Brittany Dreier is the Community Partnerships Manager at PicnicHealth, a tech company that provides you with a digital tool for organizing all of your and your loved ones medical records in one place. It's a wonderful tool AND provides an avenue for research, which is incredibly important for those impacted by dementia. We geek out together about dementia related research for all in addition to clinical trials and also about what it was like to be a caregiver to her mother. In her personal life, Brittany is an absolute dog lover and enjoys spending time with her three dogs doing fun activities like agility
  • Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia with Mary Osborne:  Mary Osborne is an Occupational Therapist with 10 years of experience based in Austin, Texas. She owns a consulting company called Your Dementia Therapist, designed to address the concerns of family members and caregivers who are taking care of a loved one who is living with dementia. She provides virtual and in person consulting visits in Texas to family members & caregivers to address their primary needs/concerns related to the care of their loved one.
  • Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia and Guest Krista Montague, Dementia Success Path:  Behavioral expressions in those with Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia can be one of the most challenging things for their loved ones. What causes it? What can we do? Is there something I should know but don't? What is he/she trying to tell me? The list of questions and concerns can go on and on. We don't want our loved ones to struggle or suffer. Krista Montague has a wonderful program offering affordable support for people experiencing behavioral issues. She is a certified dementia practitioner and former activities specialist and has a great deal of knowledge to share. May 6, 2022
  • Experts Dig in with Jennifer Fink, Founder of Fading Memories Podcast:  Today's guest on Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia is Jennifer Fink, family caregiver and founder of Fading Memories Podcast. April 1, 2022
  • Experts Dig in with Chat and Spin:  Interview with Ron Park, Chat & Spin Podcast 2/2/2022 about Doggies for Dementia Foundation with Carmen Davailus. We chat about Just See Me-Sacred Stories from the Other Side of Dementia by Carmen which is available on Amazon. They talk about the mission of Doggies for Dementia 2/3/2022
  • Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia-Financial Woes and Dementia:  Today's guest is Karen Eischen, a daughter and professional. She is also responsible for her 92 year old mother who is legally blind and has mild dementia. The Covid pandemic created some unique challenges, however they were able to find very good care and not disrupt her mother's life after the death of her husband. The problem is that money is running out. What did she do next? What would you do?
  • Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia-Early Onset Dementia Up Close:  This is perhaps the most impactful of all of our Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia episodes. You'll see why. Today we visit with 2 people from the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland who have Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease. Their lives were turned upside down until they met Ruth McCabe and others who share their challenges. Under Ruth's leadership, the group meets and educates the public about dementia so those in the Kingdom can continue to maintain their independence and dignity.
  • Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia with the Proactive Caregiver, Jessica Lizel Cannon:  Our special guest for this episode is Jessica Lizel Cannon. Jessica cares for her mother who has vascular dementia and Frontotemporal dementia behavioral variance with symptoms beginning in her 40s. We talk about her journey as a caregiver to her mother, whose symptoms began in her forties, their struggles with diagnosis and care and then what she did about it. You'll be inspired!!
  • Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia and Guest Maghan Ricketts:  Welcome to this week's Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia. Our special guest is Maghan Ricketts with Longleaf Bee Cave in Bee Cave Texas. Maghan Ricketts is Outreach Community Coordinator at Longleaf Bee Cave and gives some of her own personal experience along with expert advise. We discuss the Top 3 things to consider.
  • Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia and Guest Yoli Campos Smith: Hospice:  Today's Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia is with guest Yoli Campos Smith, an experienced hospice nurse. Hospice has evolved over the years to provide support for those nearing the end of life and their families. Death, a much avoided topic, is an important part of life.
  • Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia and Guest Mike and Kim Barnes:  Welcome to Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia with Mike and Kim Barnes. Mike and Kim are broadcast journalists and Mike's mother has dementia. Having recognized the need for support and information, they formed a Facebook group called Parenting Aging Parents.
  • Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia and Guest Saadia White:  Expect the Unexpected with this guest! Saadia is a family caregiver and took her personal and professional gifts to become a Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease Activist.
  • Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia and Ruth McCabe:  Today we chat with our friend Ruth McCabe, Dementia Friendly Fife Project Manager and works for the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership in Scotland, UK Ruth McCabe represents a group of Dementia sufferers who all meet up regularly as a group to have conversations about the disease and help new sufferers.
  • Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia-Denise Bernacki:  I LOVE this episode. Truth is, I LOVE them all, however when I “met” Denise on Instagram and saw the beautiful art, I just had to share this story with you. You’ll want to be sure and watch this episode of Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia.
  • Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia-Peter Hill:  Today we chat with our friend Peter Hill, founder of the radio show The "D" Word about those impacted in the United Kingdom. There is so much more to this interview!
  • Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia-Insight from Family Caregiver, Nurse and Entrepreneur:  Today's Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia is with Jennifer Prescott, and is a candid conversation with truth, vulnerability and strength.
  • Helping Children Understand Dementia:  An episode of Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia with special guest Kathryn Harrison who is an author, illustrator, artist and daughter to a mother with early onset Alzheimer’s disease.
  • A Family Memoir of Dementia:  Part one of interview with author Vicki Tapia.
  • Compassion, End of Life and Dementia:  Part two of interview with special guest Vicki Tapia.
  • Living with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease:  Guest Arthena Caston discusses being diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease at the age of 51.
  • Isolation and Brain Health :  Special guest Ron Nevelow, co-founder of Inspire Senior Care, a mental health clinic, talks about isolation, loneliness, and brain health.
  • The Journey of a Lifetime - Part One:  Part one of discussion with Helene Berger, author and family caregiver for her husband with Alzheimer's Disease.
  • The Journey of a Lifetime - Part Two:  Part two of discussion with Helene Berger, author and family caregiver for her husband with Alzheimer's Disease.
  • COVID & Dementia:  Lori O'Leary, RN, Case Manager, gives us a look at what it has been like for those with dementia in long term care and how it feels to be a health care provider during COVID.
  • Alzheimer's Texas:  Catherine Campbell, Executive Director of Alzheimer's TX, shares the wonderful things Alzheimer's Texas has done since last spring and how it can benefit all.
  • Carrie Leljedal, Mother & Family Caregiver:  Discussion with special guest Carrie Leljedal, mother and family caregiver.
  • Brain Health & Early Intervention:  Special guest Ron Nevelow, co-founder of Inspire Senior Care, specializes in care of those in long term care.
  • Because We All Need a Laugh Sometimes:  Bloopers with Carmen and Ron Nevelow.
  • Fearless Caregiving:  A visit with Jennifer Johnson, author of Fearless Caregiving. Jennifer is a long time family caregiver for her father and her mother.
  • What’s Going on with Long Term Care During COVID:  In this episode Carmen talks with Sophia Heesch who is a Neighborhood Coordinator at Friendship Haven in Fort Dodge in Iowa to hear how they've managed resident comfort, safety, overall health, staffing issues, and be present for their families who are important to them all.
  • Getting to the Other Side of Caregiving:  Betsy Wurzel has been a caregiver for her loved ones with Alzheimer’s Disease for decades and she and Carmen talk about getting to the other side of caregiving.
  • Managing Life During a World-wide Pandemic:  Guest Kelly Carter, Manifestologist , talks about finding a sense of peace and gratitude in challenging situations such as being diagnosed with dementia and caregiving.
  • Approach with Love:  Special guest Kelly Kaelin offers simple, yet magnificent information about our approach.
  • Home Care Answers for Your Loved One:  Mackenzie Kelly is an expert on dementia care and home living options. In this episode she and Carmen talk about home care - what it is, who needs it, and how they might get it arranged.
  • What To Do Now:  Interview with Robyn Maniscalco, founder of Wellness Resource.
  • Behavioral Issues or Expressions?:  Joanna LaFleur shares her view on behavioral issues often seen in people with dementia.
  • What to Ask Long Term Care Before Moving In:  Joanna LaFleur shares invaluable information about what to ask while seeking long term placement for your loved one.
  • Lewy Body Dementia Part One:  Sarah Hyde-Williams and Carmen deep dive into Lewy Body Dementia-a form of dementia which is often overlooked and under-diagnosed.
  • Lewy Body Dementia Part Two:  Sarah Hyde-Williams and Carmen deep dive into Lewy Body Dementia and some of the common questions and concerns.
  • Relationships During Health Crisis:  Sylvia Worsham shares her professional and first hand personal experience of being a daughter of a strong man who becomes seriously ill.
  • The Truth About Hospice:  Discussion with Cindy Pelan, an expert on end of life issues and hospice care.
  • A Fresh Approach During Troubling and Challenging Times:  Discussion with Julie Cotton of Next Level Improv. She is an improv comedian, actress, trainer, and healer.
  • Mindset and Coping with Covid-19:  This episode is with Sylvia Worsham, Executive Coach who has personal experience as a family caregiver for her father.
  • Caregiver Resources During Covid-19:  This episode is with Robin Maniscalco who is an amazing expert on Caregiver Resources.
  • Gratitude in the Time of Covid-19:  Kelly Carter, manifestologist, on helping navigate troubling times.
  • Dementia and Covid-19:  This episode is with Kelly Kaelin whose Bonus Mom has Alzheimer's Disease.
  • Rodger That:  A caregiver for her father-in-law, Rodger, for seven years, Bobbi Carducci understands what it is really like to care for someone with dementia.
  • From Calm to Crisis:  This episode's guest is Bea Baylor, Executive Coach and daughter of parents with dementia.
  • Caring for Parents with Dementia:  Special guest Amy Massingale whose parents both had dementia.

Families Stories and Experiences

Consequences of Covid-19 on Loved Ones in Long Term Care

African Americans and Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease

  • African Americans and Alzheimer's Disease:  Is Alzheimer's Disease-Dementia different for African Americans? There are so many reasons to have some BIG conversations. Prepare to be amazed.
  • Black History Awareness Post #1:  February is Black History Month and a good time to raise awareness for Dementia. Alzheimer's Disease and another dementia strike African Americans 14% or more than white people.
  • Black History Awareness Post #2:  February is Black History Month and a good time to raise awareness for Dementia. Alzheimer's Disease and another dementia strike African Americans 14% or more than white people.
  • Black History Awareness Post #3:  February is Black History Month and a good time to raise awareness for Dementia. Alzheimer's Disease and another dementia strike African Americans 14% or more than white people.


  • Keep Smiling:  This book by Carmen Davailus shares two beautiful stories of the power of a smile and hundreds of photos and quotes from authors, leaders, speakers and celebrities.
  • Just See Me: Sacred Stories from the Other Side of Dementia:  Just See Me-Sacred Stories from the Other Side of Dementia by Carmen Davailus will make you see dementia through the eyes of compassion and love and yet know this is just the beginning of a bigger conversation.
  • SO MANY Alzheimer's/Dementia Related Books:  AlzAuthors is a nonprofit formed by a community of authors Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia related stories to light the way for others. They formed to raise awareness and reduce stigma. Their website has many resources from written books to websites... Take a look!


  • Fading Memories Podcast with Doggies for Dementia:  As a professional photographer, it was important to me to preserve memories with beautiful family portraits. I was a photographer long enough that I had clients die, and trust me, no one was sorry they had some lovely photographs. I was excited to connect with Carmen of the Doggies for Dementia Foundation finally. They create portraits for families experiencing Dementia. Their goal is to provide beautiful memories and also to raise awareness. They do this by sharing the images that they create on their social media channels, blog, and in their emails. Doggies for Dementia strives to raise awareness to reduce stigma, isolation, and loneliness. Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia is a playlist on our YouTube channel (Doggies for Dementia Foundation); This is where we have candid conversations with experts, including family members and professionals. Tune in now to hear two photographer-dementia daughters talk about this fantastic endeavor.
  • Sharing the Stories of Dementia Stories:  Interview on Living the Dream Podcast with Carmen Davailus, Founder of Doggies for Dementia 6/2022 The goal of this podcast is to help people achieve their dreams We will do this by creating a community of people that inspires action towards each person’s ideal lifestyle and holds each person accountable to accomplishing their dreams.
  • The Curious Creatix:  Curious Creatix-What makes a creative curious? What makes them tick and become inspired? Hear about Doggies for Dementia and about how our founder, Carmen Davailus began to see herself as a creative. Carmen Davailus is a mixed media visual artist inspiring audiences around the world with humor and her compassionate way of telling stories with images. During her 40-year nursing career, she worked with thousands of people seeking meaning and connection during challenging times, and continues to do so with her camera. She is an award winning author of Just See Me-Sacred Stories from the Other Side of Dementia. Carmen is also an Alzheimer's/Dementia Advocate and founder of Doggies for Dementia Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit corporation using photography to capture family memories and raise awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease and related Dementia. Doggies for Dementia has been featured on both NBC and ABC. May 19, 2022
  • Fearless Fabulous You with Melanie Young:  Registered Nurse Carmen Davailus spent 40 years in health care, many caring for Alzheimer's patients. She took up photography, initially as a hobby and now as a second career, establishing Carmen's Legacy Productions. Her nonprofit, Doggies for Dementia, offers free photos for families with loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer's. Davailus says the portraits help preserve memories for the families, embrace their unique stories and bring them joy. 3/22/2022
  • Whispers and Bricks:  Carmen found her second calling in life documents the stories of families and people with dementia. Having worked40 years as a nurse, she met a couple the wife had dementia. She saw their struggle and realized how important it was to share their stories and other families like them dealing with dementia. So she documented their lives in photos, wrote a book, and started a non-profit to document and help those with dementia. Carmen faced her struggle with the disease when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2020, and she realized how isolated patients with dementia were. So she started a Youtube channel and podcast to document their stories and help them feel less alone. She reminds us to always find joy in life and hold on to that. 3/12/2022
  • Dementia Sufferers Captured In Amazing Photos With Their Devoted Dogs :  AGEUcational Podcast
  • Parenting Aging Parents:  About Doggies for Dementia Podcast Episode
  • Find Your Passion and Make it Your Job with Sylvia Worsham:  Podcast Episode
  • The Hip Senior:  About Doggies for Dementia
  • BTN Media- Dementia Awareness:  Episode 94 Carmen Davalius & Ruth Mccabe (Dementia Awareness).
  • Public Speaker’s Association:  My Life's Story Series
  • The Boomer’s Podcast-Senior Care Authority:  The Other Side of Dementia
  • Senior Marketing Success Podcast:  Why Photography Makes Better Marketing
  • Senior Marketing Success Podcast:  Why Photography Makes Better Marketing
  • Dreams are Real Podcast:  Doggies for Dementia and the Legacy of Sacred Stories with Carmen Davailus
  • The Write Hour:  How do you capture real-life stories with compassion?
  • The PowerHouse Podcast:  Stepping in Front of the Lens with Purpose.
  • Dementia Action Alliance:  Host Brian Leblanc has a very entertaining and informative talk with author/photographer and nurse practitioner Carmen Davalius.

Magazine Articles

Blog Articles

  • The Alzheimer’s Site:  Photographer Captures “Doggies for Dementia” Collection to Spread Awareness for the Disease
  • Right at Home Blog:  4 Things Caregivers Can Learn from Carmen Buck’s "Just See Me: Sacred Stories from the Other Side of Dementia"
  • Blue Water Homecare:  Real Life of a Family and Professional Caregiver
  • FindaTopDoc:  Photographer Carmen Buck Preserves Memories for Alzheimer’s Patients Through Photography.
  • BrightStar Care:  New Book by Austin Photographer Preserves Alzheimer's Families' Dignity and Memories: "Just See Me-Sacred Stories from the Other Side of Dementia" Shares the Stories and Portraits of 13 Family Caregivers

Radio Shows

  • UK Health Radio:  Pete talks to Carmen Davailus from the Doggies For Dementia Foundation.

In the Media

  • KVUE:  Local photographer uses dogs to help with dementia.
  • KXAN:  Doggies for Dementia aims to personalize conversation around cognitive decline.

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  • Support Doggies for Dementia:  Doggies for Dementia Foundation (D4DF) has been active and should soon be back for families impacted by dementia. Covid has hit especially hard with profound isolation for family caregivers and lack of visitation for those with Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias in long term care. We've been sharing their stories, creating short documentaries, and continuing to raise awareness.
  • We Support Families Impacted by Dementia:  Doggies for Dementia Foundation provides support to people with Alzheimers Disease and related dementia and reduces stigma, isolation and loneliness for those impacted b the dementia.
  • Smiles.Amazon and Doggies for Dementia Foundation:  Go to Smile.Amazon.com, then simply choose Doggies for Dementia. Use Smile.Amazon every time you shop. It's the same stuff as amazon.com of course only they donate 0.05% It costs you zero, zippo, nada but it adds up for Doggies for Dementia Foundation!

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